How to check your maturity level?

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well in your life. Today, we are going to solve a beautiful puzzle, that is, “How to check our maturity level?”. According to me, most of you might have already watched some kind of videos which are available on youtube, which videos tell us some ways to check our maturity age.
Well, we are not going to do all that stuff. I want to clear this to all of you that, we can’t define the maturity level of anyone. First of all, we need to understand that maturity comes from our experiences. It is not depended on our age, our gender or etc. It’s all about our experiences. And it’s very obvious that we all deal with different kind of experiences. Experiences of two persons can never be the same. Then how can we judge the maturity level of anyone by just taking some measures?
Always remember that we all are intelligent, we all are mature, we all are different. There is no point of comparison. Read all the lines which are next to this line with your full attention, you will surely get answers to some of your questions.

“We are better than everyone who doesn’t know what we know. Actually, there is no better, you never be better, the same way you never be less from anybody else.”
“The habit is a problem. All you need to do, be conscious about your choices and responsible for your actions.” These points are taken from the movie, Peaceful Warrior.

There is also a myth about ‘talent’. Most of us think that some of us born with some powers, so-called, talent and others are just living their life like a normal person because God has done a partiality and hasn’t provided that special power, so-called, talent to them. I love you to share my views regarding this topic if you have time then must read it now otherwise bookmark the page and must read it later.
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Thanks a lot for giving your valuable time. Keep smiling, stay healthy, be grateful for whatever you have. And the most important thing, “if you don’t know what you love the most, then start loving the work you are doing”.

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