How To Get Rid Of Mobile Addiction?

This article is not meant for everyone, but I am 100% sure that some of you will surely gonna relate to this. Just read it slowly, to understand it properly.

Hello guys! I hope you all are doing great in your lives and working hard to achieve your dreams. Today we are going to discuss one of the trending topics, i.e. “HOW TO GET RID OF MOBILE ADDICTION?”

First of all, this is a wrong question that we asked, we first need to ask a question that is, “WHY WE GET ADDICTED TO OUR PHONES?” Why we always end up with a phone in our hand? STOP for a while and think about it, that when and why you tilt towards your phone? Take your time and NOW, give me the answer with “yes/no” to the questions which are mentioned below. Read it attentively and be ready for this, so,


1)You play your favourite sport? (yes/no)

2)When you watch Netflix? (yes/no)

3)When you are in a marriage or in a family function? (yes/no)


4)You are stressed? When you have some deadlines for your work and you are unable to achieve it? When you are not able to meet your expectations? When you have nothing to do with your lives? or, When you just want to run away from REALITY? (yes/no)

Now listen to me carefully, if your answer is ‘yes’, for the 4th point, then let me tell you one thing, that you are not addicted to your phone, your phone is not telling you to come and waste your time with it. But it is actually you, who just want to escape from the reality, just want to forget the stress, just want to run away and for that, you always tilt towards your phone. And do you know the brutal reality is that, that your phone will never help you to achieve your goals, neither it does support you to complete your work on time nor make you feel proud of you.

YOU ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE, that’s why you always end up with your phone in your hand. If you agree with the above paragraph, then be relax and be happy because you have understood the actual problem. Now you need to work upon it.

How to overcome this problem?

Here is a way that I have implemented in my life and it actually helped me a lot. Just try to do this for a day, focus on your actions, and analyze your day, and whenever you run towards your phone, at that time, just ask to yourself, that do you really have something to do with the phone, do you really have some work, for which you need your phone or you are just trying to escape again. Just try this for a whole. I know it is not going to be easy, but trust me it works. Now after that try this for 2 days and then for 3 days, slowly and steadily, you will automatically get habitual of it. And after some days you will realise that you have learned to control your mind. And now you don’t get trapped by your phone. I know this is tough but not impossible. Take time and just not only read it but also implement it. All the very best!

Thanks a lot for giving your precious time in reading this. I have also made a video on this topic, in which I have provided 3 solutions if you want to check that just click on my name that is ->: Kratika Dixit

Will meet soon with some other interesting topic. Till then keep working hard for your dreams!!!

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