An Incomplete Love Story Of A Girl! Part-1

Love is the most beautiful feeling.

First time in my life, I felt that kind of feeling. I was flying, I was in some other world, everything seems perfect to me. I was feeling that I have achieved everything in my life. I was unable to believe that all this is happening to me. Most of the time, I asked myself, “Is it really happening, does I really start falling towards someone”?

I was extremely happy.

It’s Monday morning, I was not in good mood and I didn’t want to go to the office, but because of the recent project, I had to go to the office. When I reached my cabin in the office, suddenly my phone rang, and it was my manager.

He called me in his cabin with all the files of the recent project. I was a little scared because the project was not completely prepared. But when I entered his cabin, there was a boy already in his cabin. My manager introduced us to each other and told me that I have to hand over my project to him. But why? Why?

I have started asking this in my mind. I was shouting in my mind but as always I said nothing to my manager and handed over all my project work to him. I was very angry, feeling insecure. That was the first time when I saw him. Our first meeting was not good, and from the very first day, I started disliking him.

But within some months, he became the limelight of our office. Most of the girls wanted to talk to him. And I was like, “I don't like him. I just hate him”. I had never thought even in my dreams, that ‘I’, I will one day fall in love with that same guy, the guy, whom I didn’t even prefer to talk to.

I had started liking him, I didn’t know, how this had happened. But I was actually falling towards him. But I had no courage to say this to him. I always looked at him from my cabin’s window. Amazing! Peaceful! Silence! I can’t express my feeling with the help of words.

I was deeply in love, for the first time in my life, I had never felt that kind of happiness before in my entire life.

I never missed a chance, to look at him. But one day, I noticed that he was looking at me. And as I turned my eyes towards him, he turned his eyes away from me. I was surprised and I was super-duper happy. We both started looking at each other.

We both started falling towards each other. But when we met in the office canteen or talk about some other work, we both acted, as nothing has happened. As we didn’t know each other. In front of others, we interacted in a very formal way. Everything was going great. But….

One day I felt that something had changed. I was kept looking at him, but he didn’t look at me for a whole day. I was not able to concentrate on my work. I wanted to shout, to ask him, that what happened. But we never talked anything about it with each other, only our emotions, only our eyes knew the truth. So I could not ask anything from him directly.

Till the end of the day, I was confused, and suddenly I noticed that he was looking at me, that was the very first time when we both looked into each other's eyes with full passion.

I was standing far away from him, but I was able to feel the depth of his eyes. I was feeling like I was so close to him. Everything has stopped, I was unable to listen to any other colleague of mine. I was deep inside his eyes.

I can still imagine his eyes, that deep, passionate eyes looking at me. I was able to listen to my heartbeats, my breathing, everything was going differently. I was inside his eyes, I was very close to him.

“Love is beautiful. Love doesn’t need words. It can be expressed through your eyes”.

I can never forget that day in my life. My first love, my first feeling, my first eye contact. I can’t express it in words.

You must be thinking, that it’s great, but wait, please stay with me, till the end of the story.

This is part-1, will continue with part-2, till then stay tuned :)

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