When We Have To Go Into A Relationship!

Hello guys! I hope you all are doing great in your lives and working hard for your dreams. In this article, we will talk about an important topic. And I am sure that this article is really going to be very important for some of you guys. So let’s not waste more time and jump into the topic directly.

Firstly, I want to ask some questions from you, please be honest while answering these questions:

1) Do you want to go into a relationship?

2)If yes. Then what is the reason behind it?

3)Do you feel alone that’s why you want to start it? Or

4)Your friends are in a relationship that’s why you want to start it? Or

5)You just want to do sex, that’s why you want to start it? Or

6)You are feeling bored with your life, that’s why you want to start it?

And there are many more bullshit reasons, because of which maybe you want to get into a relationship.

Whatever the reason you have. But if you are entering into a relationship just for time pass, then you can get out from here. I am not talking to you. But if you are the one who understands the importance of relationship, then be ready for the roller coaster ride ;)

Listen to me very carefully, going into a relationship is not a game. It needs a mature person to handle it, it needs a person who understands the actual importance of it, who is ready to share his half-life with someone, who is ready to spend his precious time with that person in maybe supporting him/her mentally or just helping him/her to solve his/her family issues or maybe something else. Going into a relationship doesn’t only mean that you will get a person who will be here for you for 24/7 but also it needs you to be there for that person, always. Take a long breath, hahaha, going into a relationship means responsibility not just fun.

Must ask some questions to yourself before getting into a relationship, that are you really ready for this responsibility or not? Are you ready to give your time to someone else? And most important, that, have you really found someone, who understands your dreams, your aspirations, your personality and always supports you and motivates you to do more? Have you found someone who understands you? If yes, then go ahead man!!! You will rock it. But if not, then please for god sake, don’t waste your life, your life is really important, you are here for some reason. Work for your dreams. If you feel alone, then congratulations because you are free to do whatever you want and whenever you want to do, learn as much as you can in this time, this time may not come again. Being alone makes you more productive, smarter, amazing learner and most important a fighter.

Be conscious while making the decision. A relationship has the power to make your life either astounding or just destroy it. So choose wisely :)

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Will meet soon with some other interesting topic. Till then keep working hard for your dreams!!!

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